Here’s the Dish: Judahlicious & Trouble Coffee

Jennifer Eng


Although I had initially intended to try out Outerlands, I was on a little bit of a time crunch and was thoroughly disappointed when the waiting time was over hour on a crowded Sunday morning. I’ve heard wonderful reviews about that restaurant, but I will try again another time!

Nevertheless, there were an ample amount of breakfast joints in the lower Judah area, so I recuperated from that slight change of plans fairly quickly. Also, I brought along with my friend, Mina whom also as a predilection for brunch.Trouble_1

After meandering around a 3 block radius, we settled at Judahlicious — a vegan restaurant famous for their smoothies and açaí bowls. I ordered the heavenly açaí bowl ($8.50) to share with Mina, since their proportions are large and it was unlikely I could finish a whole one. Mina also ordered for herself the “No shorts, no shoes” ($10), which is a bean and rice plate that consists of various veggies and fruits including avocado and pineapples.Trouble_2



Upon entering the restaurant, I instantly felt a nice and amiable atmosphere. The warm colors from the wall and menu tie in perfectly with the coziness of the store. The interior was somewhat small –– with two communal tables and a booth along the front –– but they also had tables outside. Since it was unusually sunny that day, we decided to eat outside and bask in the warmth.Trouble_4

The Food:

Once receiving our food, we were almost too excited to take pictures of it since our mouths salivating with excitement. The acai bowls from Judahlicious deserve the all the praise they receive because there is a perfect balance of icy sweetness from the acai, smoothie-like blend and crunch from the pumpkin flax granola. To top off the already delicious bowl, bananas are also added to incorporate a creamy texture. Sigh, I still crave this bowl of miracle every hour of everyday.


For the “no shorts, no shoes” plate, the savory beans and rice which were the main components of the plate were complimented nicely with the light drizzle of pineapple sauce.  Moreover, the added chipotle sauce gave it an extra pang of slight spiciness. This Mexican-American fusion plate seems to perfect the balance of three flavors. Mina and I were hit with a sense of instant longing once we finished eating.


The Food:

Whilst walking around the block after we finished eating at Judahlicious, I had a sudden craving for Trouble Coffee Company’s acclaimed cinnamon toast ($3.50). Their thick slice of toast –– topped with a slab butter and drenched with cinnamon sugar –– is certainly my weakness. My mouth waters at the thought of their thick and fluffy. I would eat this toast all the time if it weren’t for the excessively rich portion of butter nagging at me after each bite.Trouble_7



Trouble Coffee with its eccentric interior decor — featuring a hodgepodge of trinkets that range from a bare mannequin torso to an old skateboard– and outdoor seating are other factors that draw people into their establishment. The outdoor seating on the other hand, has a rustic ambiance consisting of a large barren branch smack in the middle of the sidewalk. Customers usually eat on the wooden railings of the spacious patio which doubles as a table, for the size of the actual cafe is relatively small. The patio flooring with its jumble of names carved on the decorative cement tiles is my favorite of Trouble’s many unique decorations.

If you want to get a quick brunch to start off your day, I recommend exploring Judah near the beach. You should go to Judahlicious if you want to healthier options and Trouble Coffee for something sweet and sugary. Although Judahlicious is on the pricier side, you can taste the fresh quality of the ingredients they use. They also offer take-out, so you can enjoy their deliciousness on the go. All-in-all, I definitely recommend checking out food in Outer Sunset to kick off your weekend morning right.