The Wave: New Site! New Wavers!


Hello and welcome friends of The Wave!

We are pumped up and ready for a new cycle here at Sunset Media Wave. The Wavers are jumping into the frame and into the wild with this new set of shots for all of our current columnists. Though some have graduated and moved on to bigger and swaggier things, we’ve been blessed with some fresh, new Wavers, each of which will be heading up their own unique columns.

We’re introducing a new site too, so all of our new posts can stand out and shine just the way they were intended to! It’s going to be a fun couple of months here at Sunset Media Wave, and we’re excited to show all of the amazing work our Wavers have been doing on their columns. But first, meet the current crew of SMW columnists below!

Rianna Caparaz
Column: Style and Substance
Earliest Memory: “My first memory is singing “Part of Your World” in my grandma’s kitchen.”

Nick Chew
Column: The Aftermath
Earliest Memory: “My earliest memory is riding the train at the zoo with the family. The best part about the zoo is the train that takes two laps around the park. My favorite part of the train ride was the bridge. I was fascinated by the sounds of the train clicking over the rails.”

Mina Choe
Column: Satircal Society of Scintillating Sentences
Earliest Memory: “My first memory is playing on the slide at preschool all alone. Not lonely, but alone.”

Allie DiGennaro
Column: A Sip in the Right Direction
Earliest Memory: “When I fainted after a flock of birds cornered me.”

Jennifer Eng
Column: Here’s the Dish
Earliest Memory: “My earliest memory is when I was roughly three or four years old and my dad came home with a new car. I remember going in it with such amazement which I don’t understand now, since it wasn’t my first time going into a car??? ”

Luca Foggini
Column: The Pickup Real
Earliest Memory: “I don’t honestly remember. It was probably that place on Irving Street that has the doughnuts as big as hubcaps. I had one of those and it was marvelous.”

Alan Fung
Column: Straight Into Gaming
Earliest Memory: “My first memory is seeing my mom and dad.”

Andrea Hernandez
Column: Postcards from the Bay
Earliest Memory: “One of my earliest memories involves me going to Central America with my family. I don’t really remember what happened when we went to most of the countries, but what I do remember very vividly was that I was sporting a paper Burger King Crown while exploring ruins at a monastery in Antigua, Guatemala.”

T.J. Kanaley
Column: Vibin’ and Thrivin’
Earliest Memory: “My earliest memory would be me when I was at a family friend’s house watching Thomas the Tank Engine. If I’m remembering correctly, in the episode, a tornado swept through the Island of Sodor and destroyed some of the train tracks. Percy and his passengers were left trapped!”

Roy Lee
Column: Misdirection
Earliest Memory: “My first memory is of me looking at my mom and dad, and them smiling down at me.”

Jaimie Leung
Column: Monovlogs
Earliest Memory: “If I only knew!”

Ella Luna
Column: Cover Story
Earliest Memory: “Halloween with some childhood friends. I was in a hippie costume.”

Elise Mills
Column: Musique Nonstop
Earliest Memory: “I cut off the tip of my thumb at the age of four while cutting out an octopus from cardboard. I had to sleep with an ice-filled water bottle for two weeks. Fun!”

Yasmine Missaoui
Column: Beauty or Nah
Earliest Memory: “My earliest memory is eating cookies in the morning before school.”

Sophia Pulliati
Column: F.I.T.
Earliest Memory: “My first memory is from when I was 11-months old. I was on my grandma’s miss-matched rug, playing with my wooden toys. I had white arm braces on, because I had recently gotten surgery.”

Catie Rimmer
Column: Thrifters × Anonymous
Earliest Memory: “The time I fell asleep on Santa’s lap when I was four.”

Elizabeth Rimmer
Column: Been There, Read That
Earliest Memory: “I don’t remember very far back, but when I was four, I tripped on a vacuum cleaner and it cut my lip open by sucking on it.”

Olivia Starr
Column: Fashion Obscura
Stance on Cats on the Internet: “I like them separately, but I think they are highly overrated when paired together”

Ben Vu
Column: Eternal Broadcaster
Stance on Cats on the Internet: “Cats on the internet are okay. Some are silly, some are annoying. I prefer cats in the real world.”

Candice Wu
Column: Music for You
Earliest Memory: “My first memory is from when I was around four or five years old and was in Mexico climbing a water slide. I misstepped and fell right on my bottom lip, and there’s now a bump on my lip to remind me of my stupid, young self. ”

Lily Young
Column: Heart-to-Art
Earliest Memory: “I remember in first grade I had a bead and was holding it in class, but I wanted to put it down so I stuck it in my ear on the ledge but then I forgot about it and it fell in my ear so I had to get surgery to take it out.”

Jennifer Zhang
Column: Jenn’s Jams
Earliest Memory: “No one ever believes me when I say this, but I think my first ever memory was my first dream. I’m 99.9999999% sure this is true, but everyone is always so skeptical about it. At the time, I was in my mom’s belly—and you don’t have to believe me but I know what it felt like—and I felt like I was watching a movie or something. I saw a scene, but my body wasn’t physically there, I was just watching it. There was a small bridge in a small area surrounded by nature, and it was really dark, so probably around four or five in the morning. Underneath the small bridge was a body of water, and I just slowly watched the water rise—it eventually began to pour over the bridge and the place started to flood. It had a watching-your-death-slowly-approach kind of feeling, but watching the water get higher in the silent dawn was also somewhat calming. What a cynical, dark dream for a not-yet-born baby to have.”

Jon Bernson

Michael Falsetto-Mapp
Art Director

Glenn Jackson
Lead Editor