Cotton Candy Melodies: Guess the Song!

Angel Arada

Hey Everyone! I’m Angel and I’m a new waver here at SMW. For my column, I will be posting covers, as well as originals, so please look out for them! My first experience in the recording studio was very interesting. When I first entered the room, vigorous rapping was resonating against the walls. The guy before me was recording by himself, passionately spitting verses over and over again. I was surprised, but also amazed by his enthusiasm. After a few minutes, it was my turn.

I started by laying down a snap track. After listening to it however, I realized that my tempo changed as the song went on. After recording a few more times, Jon and I decided to make a snap loop instead, to help keep the beat consistent. Similarly, I recorded a simple guitar track, to help myself stay in tune. After recording the main verses, I started struggling with the harmonies. It sounded nice in some places, but drifted out of tune in other parts. Eventually, Jon helped me find the harmonies by using an alien sounding pitch shifting plug-in from the program to guide me.

Although I expected to finish recording in one day, I learned a lot from my first recording session. It was my first time at an actual studio and everything felt new to me. Overall however, it was a success because I was able to nail down all my parts. Now I can take them home and practice so I can ace my next session.

In the meantime, listen to a sneak peek of my cover below! I wonder what song it is?

Header image by Lily Young