Dessert Pervert: Come With Chloe

Hey kiddos! The Dessert Pervert is back, and for this post I decided to try something new. As someone who loves food, I find myself eating out a lot and even end up finding new favorite places every now and then. Yelp is one of my most visited websites, since I spend a good amount of my spare time looking up new restaurants and cafes.

For this video I decided to visit one of my favorite dessert cafes in the Richmond District. It’s called NaYa and they have a variety of snacks and desserts. The cafe very small and the interior gives off a very homey vibe, which I love. But my favorite thing about this place is their ice cream crepes. The best thing about these crepes is that they are made to order in NaYa’s mini open kitchen near the back of the cafe. I remember the first time I ordered the dessert and it came out in a ball shape, which I thought was very quirky and unique since it didn’t follow the traditional crepe shape. However, they’ve developed their plating skills since then and the ice cream crepes are now served in the traditional triangle form. Personally, I prefer the ball shape presentation better since it was easier to get a bite of everything. Nonetheless, the ice cream crepe was still absolutely delicious in its triangle form. You can choose what goes in the crepe, and this time I chose to put vanilla ice cream, nutella, and strawberries in the crepe (it should be noted that whipped cream and chocolate sauce come with every sweet crepe at NaYa’s). What I also thought was really interesting is that the cafe has a variety of savory items which you could include as well. One that I’d really like to try at a later date is a crepe with egg, sriracha, sausage, and spinach. I wonder if they’d use the same crepe batter? But I also like to imagine the different combinations that can be made—maybe even mix it up between savory and sweet. I wonder if they’d actually make the crepe if a customer asked to put egg, sriracha, ice cream, and nutella in it. But then again, that would be pretty gross…OR WOULD IT? Can’t knock it til ya try it. But I think I’ll stick with my regular order for now, just to be safe.

NaYa’s serving sizes are enormous with one crepe (which can be shared between two or three people) costing $6.99, it will still get you stuffed. I went with my friend Angel (you may know her from Cotton Candy Melodies, if not please check her out she is amazing and she definitely is not making me write this) after we had eaten lunch at Volcano (my favorite curry restaurant) and we were so full after finishing the crepe that we could barely walk to our bus stop.

There are many different types of crepes that can be found in the amazing city of San Francisco. I think that’s one of the best things about living here. There are so many different kinds of food to try and even when it comes to something like crepes, there are so many styles of it to be found. NaYa is one of my favorites and I hope you can try it out one day!

I will be back soon with another recipe so keep your eyes peeled! Until next time, take care my fellow Dessert Perverts!