Double Take: Introduction

Hi, my name is Emily and this is my column Double Take. From when I was a kid and still now, I have always loved music: I loved listening to music and playing music on instruments. Even the little things, like the beats of songs, I love. However, making music has always been a mystery to me. I wonder how they put things together and create something so great. So, for my column on The Wave, I have decided I will share my progress in making a cover of a song using GarageBand. I will be recreating songs from scratch using the program, and hope they sound as close as possible to the original song. This column will not only be for entertainment purposes, it will also be a learning experience for me—from how to take apart pieces of a song, and how to put them back together. So I hope you, reader, will be following me on this journey, and I will see you next time.