The Builder’s Block: Projects and Tablescraps

Jasmine Liang

Welcome back, guys! With this post, I think it’s time for you guys to see what’s behind-the-scenes of the “behind-the-scenes.” I’m talking about my workplace/where I build/where I keep all of my LEGOs. My building space is crazy—all hobbyists can relate—and it’s full of scattered things like unfinished projects, old projects, and loose pieces.

Despite the fact that I’ve tried out so many methods of organization, sometimes it takes me a whole day to find a particular piece. It might be because I misplace things and end up finding LEGOs in any of four different locations in my room.

This is what the organized parts of my collection look like.
More things.

I never take apart my past creations; I just let them gradually fall apart on their own as I go back every once in a while to “steal” some pieces I need for newer projects. Like in the picture below: The lump of white and brown bricks in the upper right-hand corner came from this creation I completed back in September. I’m currently using those bricks for another project.

Then I have those other unfinished projects, like the Boston Row House, Street Market, Failed Beatles Competition Entry, and Weird Green Roof House builds I started. I like to name all my projects even though most of them end up being neglected for years.

These have been sitting around for a while now.

With some projects, I’ll only be motivated to work on them for a while, and of course, other projects become finished builds. Recently, I’ve been working on a monster for an Adventure Time LEGO contest. I missed the deadline, but I’ve decided to complete it anyway.

Trying out face-sculpting with LEGOs.

The orange thing (in the picture above) is a brick separator. It helps take apart LEGOs that are extremely stubborn. I’m also working on an architectural model of a building design, which I’ll feature in another post (you can see some of the design in the top image).

My most recent creation is a Victorian-Gothic living room scene (shown below).

The vignette-style set minus the furniture.

With some experimental lighting, the finished product went on my Flickr, as can be seen here.

And just in the process of taking some photos of my collection and past builds, I was inspired to take this photo of one of my favorite LEGO minifigures to photograph, Gandalf.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing my collection and some of the projects I’m working on!