Otherworldly: Softer Girl

Carry lives on 25th street in Noe Valley. Her room is decorated with pop-art pieces she draws on scrap papers in class. They hang high around her mirror and, if they fall, her bunny chews them up. Her favorite store is Dolls Kill on Haight, and she recently applied for a job there. She rides to school on her lavender bike with her recycled-material tote bag in the basket. Her favorite class is ASL. After school, she likes to lay on the grass at Bernal Heights to make jewelry. She has an astrology-themed Tumblr. Her Instagram bio states that she’s a bubbly Aquarius. She’s gradually getting rid of her nonessentials to go along with her plan to join the Tiny House Movement. Right now, I’m joining her at her favorite food chain, Lemonde.