Meiflowers: Good Morning Sunshine

Emily Mei

Hello and welcome, my name is Emily Mei and this is my column, Meiflowers! I’ve always thought that flowers were Mother Nature’s most beautiful creation, from all the different colors and varieties to how they seem to brighten any scene with their presence. Flowers are always just there and they make life so much better. Well, at least for me. But my column is not about horticulture, it’s about beauty. More specifically, natural beauty.

I love makeup but I’m not a fan of hiding behind makeup. Personally, I try to keep my makeup application to a minimum because I think makeup is ideal for enhancing natural features, not creating new ones (and also because makeup is a pain in the butt to remove at the end of the day). I’m in love with makeup-no-makeup looks, and over the years I’ve discovered multiple tips, tricks, and beauty hacks to achieve those looks both with and without makeup, and which I will be sharing with you on Meiflowers. But remember: true beauty comes from the within.