The Sunset Lifeline: Outspoken Awkwardness [The Intro]

Throughout the history of cinematography, film has evoked different emotions from a worldwide audience. The choice of angle, light, editing, and many other aspects work together in culmination to manipulate a certain display according to a director’s view. For example, propaganda utilizes artifice beneath the surface to create cunning cinematography, giving limited positive perspective to one side over another. Throughout World War II, Hitler manipulated the emotions of his citizens through artifice and propaganda, only made possible with video-blah which was blah through blah-blah and the blah-blah!

Okay. We get it. Videos are important, and so is knowledge, but aren’t you just sick of it? Why learn about Hitler’s uptake to power when you can gain useless knowledge regarding my observations? High school can be such a chore at times; homework this homework that, lecture here and lecture there, study all night? What, you got a C+ on a test? Don’t you just want someone to let these emotions out? Well, the same goes for me! My name is Lemar Deguzman, and through a collection of videos, I hope to share various aspects of the high school experience from things like studying for SATs to classroom antics. I hope you look forward to it!