Letters of Abstraction: Dear Envy

Dear Envy,

Oh, old friend, how long has it been since I last saw you? Honestly, a few minutes at the most. I’ve come to realize over our many interactions that you aren’t as wicked as society portrays you. You are normal, but at the same time, you get in the way of the most important thing, self love. You are, in fact, truly the embodiment of the high school lifestyle: complex. Envy, you are the best and worst concept of them all. You stir up so much jealousy and hatred, and I know you’re also the reason why I bought all those nice new clothes, so I could hope to fit in with those kids who are “better” than me.

Why is it that You (of all abstractions) really pulls us out of our seats and off our couches to improve ourselves? When it comes down to facing you, the lesson learned is that there are two sides to every coin. Our worst vices are also our greatest inspirations for change when we accept them. Envy, what would this world do without you? It would be a paradise of self- acceptance, but also humanity’s worst nightmare: utter monotony. So we must learn to find not you, Envy, but Admiration for one another. We struggle through life and grow constantly, but we never stop to question why. I think you’re the answer. Envy and Admiration. Everything we do happens for a reason. Maybe I was just meant to buy those nice new clothes…

With love,

 -Letters of Abstraction