Sidestreet Runway: Jamming on Judah

In my opinion, Judah is the cutest street in the outer Sunset. Welcome back to the Sidestreet Runway! Today’s post will be focused on soft, pale colors. This outfit is great for the summer, because the jeans and sneakers make it comfortable and practical, and the tube top and jacket will keep you cool in warmer weather. I really like this jacket, because it’s almost a light yellow color, and it matches almost anything. I had fun walking around Judah street, and admiring these adorable succulents at the general store.

Top – Kessy Tube Top (white) – – $12.00 Jacket – (something similar) Active Cropped Zip-Front Hoodie – – $17.90
Shoes – Nike Air Max Thea (white/white/white) – – $74.99
Pants – Mom Jean Women’s Blue 20 (light vintage) – – $29.99

Camera: Canon eos 80d
Photographer: Veronica Liang -@veronicaliangs on ig

Shoutout to the owner of the store for not kicking us out!