Cut & Paste: L’isola di Capri

Summer of 2014 I visited the island of Capri in Italy for my cousin’s wedding. I was asked to be one of the flower girls, so naturally, I was excited. My family and I with the hundreds of other bustling tourists stepped off the ferry onto the island of Capri. The island was beautiful during the daytime though experiencing the nightlife was much more spectacular. Capri is wrapped in steep narrow roads and to get to the heart of the island you have to take the funicular railway tram to the top. Seeing all my relatives from England (who are normally in a cold and rainy environment) sitting with sunhats and sipping cocktails on the Amalfi coast sun was unusual, but it filled me with a “home away from home” feeling.

I have only been to Italy once, but since then I long to go back. The island holds many special memories for me because I was surrounded by the people I love. When I was in Capri I didn’t feel like a tourist, even though I was one.