Oli Siva – Springboard!

Using the poetic work A Coney Island of the Mind by Lawrence Ferlinghetti as a touchstone, Springboard! is a collection of stream-of-consciousness poetry written cumulatively, each piece standing upon the shoulders of the one before it.

Excerpts from Springboard!


risking absurdity,


and death,

I run towards the rapture of a loving springtime.

singing love songs backwards,

hallucinary humans risk themselves for ancient enchantment.



drawing down it’s eyes,

unreality allows itself to languish

on its own hallucinary moon. 

a paper humanity 

first feasts, then dances

in celebration of their unreal moon.



undressing their false god of springtime,

today’s humanity feels the rapture of love.

dancing around the absurd threat of humanity,

God and oblivion fall into love.